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We have recently supported a number of our staff to access coaching from Jojo.  They have been extremely positive about Jojo’s approach, style and the changes that they are making as a result of the coaching.
Like any organisation, our staff members' wellbeing and professional development are key to successful delivery and growth. Investing in coaching from Jojo is an investment in our future development as well as a way to support the individual’s personal development.

Becky Booth, CEO Spice 


Jojo really helped me to reframe some of the challenges I was grappling with and I found her practical techniques and visualisation methods extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to make change in their life.

E.T. London

Jojo is a vibrant, encouraging and enthusiastic life coach who has helped me start making positive life changes that feel exciting, fun, and full of possibilities.

A.M. London


Jojo's calm approach and serious but encouraging and welcoming manner allows you to open to her in a way to encourage new thought development and self-analysis. In particular we used a form of meditation/ self-hypnosis to achieve a new level of self-awareness. I highly recommend her as a life coach whether for smaller niggles or larger life choices.

J.K. London

Having never tried hypnotherapy previously, I recently had the calming and uplifting experience of being hypnotised for the first time by Jojo. As someone who is often full of anxiety and inner turmoil, it was wonderful to feel at ease, liberated from the usual worries by Jojo's reassuring voice and guidance.

J.A. London


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About Jojo

Joanna Josefina Thomas is a trained Co-Active coach, master hypnotist, writer, editor, speaker, and public speaking trainer.


She works with individuals looking to live a bigger, bolder, happier life, and companies looking to support their staff to be more confident, creative, articulate, and effective.

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